​Alligator Lounge has a karaoke room in the back lounge available for reservation for your party or event.

Reservations are for groups of 10 or more!

Don't worry! The front of our bar is still open for everyone as is the back.
This just guarantees you an area for you and your guests.
We can accommodate up to 3 parties a night plus standing room for karaoke.
The back room karaoke lounge has its own sound system, air conditioning and special lighting.
There are Skeeball machines open, a Buck Hunter video game and a sit in photo booth.

This is first come first serve! We take reservations even the day of your event (if we we have the sections available).

The reservation price is $100 per section. This is treated like a deposit because the group will be getting it back in full - via drink tickets to be used the night of the party. Therefore the $100 deposit is good for 14 drink tickets and 14 pizza tickets with further explanation below (15% gratuity is included):

The tickets are good for any and all beer and drinks priced at $6 or less. This includes all of our bottled beers and tap beers - and well drinks. Top shelf drinks are priced at $7 and up so if a ticket holder wants that, then they would just pay the extra price over the $6.

Parties can bring a birthday banner, balloons, cake or simple decorations.

Feel free to request more than one section if you feel your event needs the space.

-We will not allow any guests under 21.
-Everyone must have a proper ID on them.
(Driver's License, Passport, Military ID, DMV Identification Card. Apologies we cannot accept New York City ID cards)
-For our visiting tourists, we ask that you bring your passport.
-No outside alcohol or beer is allowed on premise.
If anything is found, we will politely have to ask the group to leave and you will not get your deposit back.

The $100 fee can be made via the bar telephone with a credit card at
718-599- 4440 between 3 and 5pm, Monday through Saturday,
or by simply filling out a reservation request in the following section.

Thank you!
Lisa Graziano
Alligator Manager
917-549- 0096​